• Week of March 30, 2020

    Note to parents: Homework should take no more than an hour and no more than 20 minutes in one area. If your child is spending more than 20 minutes on a specific area, have your child stop and please write a note to me on the homework page

    *Homework is subject to change throughout the week depending on what we get done in class. 



  • Test Schedule

    Spelling and ELA Tests- normally every Tuesday unless there is an interruption to the schedule. 

    Math Facts Quiz every Friday!

    Religion Tests- Please use the end of chapter review and highlighted notes to prepare for tests. 

    Test Schedule

    ELA and Spelling Tests- Thursday (3/24)
    Math Test (3/20)
    Social Studies Vocabulary Quiz, Friday (3/13)

  • Study Skills 

    Third grade is here! You may be thinking how in the world do I instill  study skills in an eight year old?
    Click here to learn some helpful tips!