• Homework Schedule

    Note to parents: Homework should take no more than an hour and no more than 20 minutes in one area. If your child is spending more than 20 minutes on a specific area, have your child stop and please write a note to me on the homework page.

    Math- WB. p.8
    Spelling- Practice Test with Parent; Test Tomorrow
    ELA Test Tomorrow!

    Math- WB p.10
    Spelling-Write a sentence for each spelling word. Draw a picture to go with each sentence. 

    Religion- Test Tomorrow

    Math- Test Friday, Complete Worksheet
    Spelling- Put spelling words in ABC order

    Math-Test Tomorrow 
    Spelling- Write a letter to a friend or make a comic/story using 10 of your most difficult spelling words!

    Friday or following Monday night
    Spelling-Practice test with parent, friend, or family member. Test on Tuesday!
  • Weekly Spelling Homework Schedule

    Tuesday- Write a sentence with each spellling word!  Draw a picture to go along with your sentence.

    Wednesday- Put spelling words in alphabetical order

    Thursday- Write a letter to a friend or parent using 10 of your spelling words.

    Friday OR Monday HW- Practice test with parent or friend!


  • Test Schedule

    Study Guides can be found on my homepage. Please do not wait until the night before or morning of a test to tell me your child does not understand material. I want the children to be able to advocate for themselves early on so I can help them early on!

    Spelling and ELA Tests- normally every Tuesday unless there is an interruption to the schedule. 

    Math Facts Quiz every Friday!
    Addition and Subtraction (Trimester 1)
    Multiplication and Division (Trimester 2 and 3)

    Test Schedule for Week of September 16th:

    Unit 1, Week 1 ELA Test- Tuesday, September 17th 

    Spelling Test- Tuesday, September 17th

    Religion Test- Wednesday, September 18th

    Math Test- Friday, September 20th
  • Study Skills 

    Third grade is here! You may be thinking how in the world do I instill  study skills in an eight year old?
    Click here to learn some helpful tips!